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Probot is an exciting platform to share crisp project updates and quickly identify blockers. We understand that one size does not fit all. Keeping this in mind, our developers have enabled customization for the ease of use. Let’s explore the features and learn to customize.

To view features and personalize, go to Probot ‘Dashboard’. The dashboard consists of ‘Stand-Up Meetings’ and ‘Task-Tracker’. Select Stand-Up Meetings to view the channels which are linked to Probot. Now select a particular channel which requires customization and go to ‘Settings’. Exercise the same steps to personalize all other channels.

Time Zone

It is important to select a preferred time zone from the list that you and your team members follow. Based on the time zone settings, you can retrieve appropriate scrum reports for a given date. Daily scrum digest emails and DMs triggered by Probot also reflect the set time zone.

Sync Users

Added a new channel member? Quickly ‘Sync Users’ to reflect the name of the member under the ‘Users’ section. The feature connects newly added members to the channel so that everybody can participate in the scrum meetings and stay informed.


Probot enables role-based access. Depending on the designation and role of each channel member you can set privileges. The section is divided into three categories- ‘Attend Scrum’, ‘Send Digest Emails’, and ‘Send Scrum Digest DM’. Here you can select participants for the daily stand-up and authorize recipients for receiving scrum digest emails and DM by activating the toggle switches.

Scrum Questions

If you find the existing questions appropriate for your team, you are good to go. Otherwise, create your own set of questions that are more relevant. Going forward, you may either edit or delete the existing questions; alternatively, you may also add a new set of questions.

Each time you customize the settings or modify the scrum questions, do save the changes before closing the window.

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