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Getting Started

Stand-up Meeting is one of the two productivity-enhancing features of Probot. To gain maximum benefits, learn how the app works and ways to potentially increase the productivity of your team using this slackbot.

Create a Slack Account

To use Probot it is essential to have a Slack account. We always recommended you to first create a workspace profile. Once it is done, create individual user profiles on slack and add them to your workspace.

Add Probot to Slack

Next step is adding Probot to Slack. Visit https://probot.ninja and hit the button that says “Add to Slack”. When you do this, Probot will be linked to your Slack account and be ready for use.

Create a Channel

Create a dedicated Slack channel where daily scrums would take place and assign a name. If you want to conduct daily stand-ups for more than one team, create multiple channels and follow the same procedure.

Add Probot to Channel

Add Probot to the daily stand-up channel. To do this, you may either type ‘Probot Ninja’ in the ‘Send Invites To’ section while creating a channel or add the app later.

Add People

To add members to the scrum channels, make sure they have existing Slack accounts linked to the workspace. If you want to add people when you are creating a channel, write their names in ‘Send Invites To” section. You can always add more members from ‘Invite More People’ option on Slack.

Conducting a Stand-up

After the preliminary set-up is finished, you and your team are now ready to conduct virtual scrum. The actual process is initiated by typing this command- ‘scrum start’. As soon as a member writes this command, the daily stand-up meeting resumes. During a stand-up, Probot asks a set of questions to each active participant.

[Pro Tip: Struggling to find scrum channels? Always create separate channels dedicated only to scrum meetings. Rename the channels with something relevant such as ‘scrum meetings’ or ‘daily stand-up’ so you can easily locate.]

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