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Slack Commands

The main purpose of time-boxed agile scrum meeting is enabling teams to self-organize towards achieving sprint goals. To minimize loss of time by making it more productive, Probot has put together the best practices. Easy to follow commands is one of the attempts to make the stand-up meetings more successful.

All the commands are absolutely easy to emulate and remember.

Stand-up Commands

Learn commands to initiate scrum and save more time.

1.  Probot conducts synchronized stand-ups, hence, we recommend the teams to fix a regular time and adhere to the schedule. When all attendees are available to participate in the stand-up meeting, any of the team members can initiate scrum by typing the first command- scrum start.

2.  Stand-up meeting is limited to one session per day per channel. So, make sure all the channel members are active. Probot will ask questions to the channel members one after another. Due to some unavoidable circumstances if someone is away, another member can write leave @member so that Probot skips questioning the absentee.

3.  During an ongoing scrum, if the meeting needs to be put on hold, type scrum halt. This command will pause the meeting without affecting the overall scrum duration.

4.  When the team wants to resume a halted scrum, no need to repeat the entire process. Type scrum resume and it will recommence the meeting after a pause right from where it was left off.

Reporting Commands

Fetching reports using commands is more dynamic as compared to manual searches. Commands help with quick filtering scrum reports based on two key elements- user and date. And there are two commands which you can use for this purpose.

1.  If you want to fetch scrum report of a particular team member for the current working day, write- scrum report [@user] [channel-name].

2.  In order to retrieve scrum report for a particular date, write scrum report [@user] [channel-name] [date].

[Pro Tip: Our developers recommend that immediately after configuring Probot Ninja to Slack, always type ‘help’ and send a DM to Probot app. Firstly, this will ensure that Probot has been successfully added and secondly, it will furnish a complete list of commands.]

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