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Getting Started

Missed your daily scrum? Well, you are not alone in this. Although daily stand-up is a must to keep the projects running smoothly, sometimes the meetings are postponed to due to unavoidable circumstances. But does that mean the project should take a blow? Not at all. There are ways to overcome the obstacles. Let’s learn how to easily follow project updates and define sprint goals with Task Tracker.

What is a Task Tracker?

Task Tracker is a task management tool which helps to simplify project flow. It is an on-demand interactive program that gathers project updates and triggers auto-generated emails to the designated project managers. As a result, people in leadership roles stay constantly updated about the project trails.

In this regard, respective project managers who share admin rights, are required to add projects, and then assign team leaders and members for the project. Once the preliminary set-up is complete, Task Tracker is ready to do its job.

To record project updates, each member needs to proactively send a DM (direct message) to Probot app on Slack, answer a few simple questions and submit their tasks. It is as simple as that!

How Does it Work?

Task Tracker operates at an individual level. Team members with existing Slack accounts are required to add Probot Ninja in the ‘Apps’ section. The process starts with creating a project and adding team members to it.

Access Dashboard

This is the first step to using Task Tracker. Visit https://probot.ninja and access the dashboard from the main page.

Task Tracker – Projects

This feature is exclusive to project managers holding admin rights. From the dashboard select Task Tracker. It has two sub-divisions- Projects and Reports. Select ‘Projects’ to move to the next step.

Add a Project

To create a project you must share the admin rights and follow these basic steps-

• Click on the ‘Add’ button.

• Enter the ‘Project Name’;

• Add ‘Team leader(s)’ and ‘Team Member(s)’.

• Once the basic set-up is finished, save the changes.

You can create multiple projects in the same way as and when required and view or change the settings from the dashboard.

Initiate Task Tracking

After the team members are added to a specific project, they individually need to send a DM to Probot Ninja typing ‘task submit’ from Slack. As soon as the command is entered, Probot will begin the task-tracking process. It will go on asking these questions:

o On which task did you work today?

o How many hours have you spent on task?

o What is the status of task?

o List Comment/Roadblock (if any).


Once a team member finally submits the task report, Probot will broadcast it via DM, and share the ‘Task Summary’ via email.

Why do You Need Task Tracker?

A scrum team comprises of individual members who share unique responsibilities towards the completion of a sprint. The product developed towards the end of every sprint is identical to a successful team collaboration which is dependent on individual contribution. Therefore, the emphasis is essentially on maintaining transparency from the start and this is where Task Tracker comes into the picture.

We understand the importance of keeping track of projects at every step, gathering inputs from individual members and sharing with the team during the stand-up meetings. But when the daily scrum meeting is hindered, it not only disturbs the entire process-flow but creates a confusion among team members and the effect is fathomable from erroneous project outcomes.

Task Tracker streamlines the process at the individual level and puts an end to the lingering issues arising from poor communication, lack of clarity and obstacles faced in the due course of project integration. It is your virtual go-getter in following the trail of seamless project update.

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