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Slack Commands

In project management, status reporting is one of the basic practices. Task Tracker is a great way for project managers to monitor a project’s progress and identify shortcomings and other persisting issues that need to be resolved.

Task Tracker is a tool that helps to share important project updates that allow you to monitor a project’s progress. The progress is quantified in the taskmail reports, so instead of staying in the dark, you have a database that will help you make more sound decisions. It also enables you to review and explain why you modified a project plan.

Regular project report assures consistency in information flow. It empowers you to manage and communicate with your team and product owners more effectively. Product owners are always anxious to know how the project is doing, so keeping them in the loop via daily status reports will strengthen their confidence in the project manager and the project.

In this process, a user needs to use certain easy to follow commands which are discussed below.


To initiate task tracker, individual members need to send a Direct Message to Probot on the Slack platform. Below are the simplified steps to help you-

1. To send a DM to Probot Ninja, write this command- ‘task submit’ and hit enter. Probot Ninja will quickly identify the command and start task tracking process.

It starts by asking a well-defined set of questions:

  • On which task did you work today
  • How many hours have you spent on task?
  • What is the status of task?
  • List Comment/Roadblock (if any).

2. Once it successfully registers the response, the app will ask whether the member wants to add more tasks. If the user has accomplished more than one task, he/she may answer ‘yes’. By doing so, Probot will repeat the same process for the next tasks. If sharing project update is over, reply ‘no’.

3. In the next step, Probot will get the task mail ready and prompt for the final time whether the user wants to submit the task. As the user enters ‘yes’, Probot will share the taskmail report over DM. Additionally, the project managers and people in the lead roles will also receive auto-generated emails in their registered email IDs.


Other than conducting manual searches, the project managers may use commands for quickly locating project reports from the dashboard. Steps to fetch reports are as follows:

• In order to retrieve taskmail report for a particular user for the current day, write- task report [@user].

• Filter taskmail reports for a particular date, follow this step- task report [@user] [date].

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