Probot Ninja (Beta): A Must Have Productivity Slackbot for Your Team

Limited office space, communication gap, loss of productivity and time – these common organizational issues are what most of the establishments struggle with. To curb these problems, creative minds in Promact collaborated with a common aim to design an iterative software that helps to double the productivity and enhance end-to-end user experience. And it is called Probot Ninja (Beta).

Inspired by the legendary ninja warriors famed for their fierceness, speed, and accuracy, our team of developers created an equally efficient safe and trustworthy productivity slackbot- Probot. It is built on the agile framework and represents the core principles of the agile methodology by virtualizing daily stand up meetings.


Interestingly, Probot was originally developed as an internal app. As our company experienced a surge in the recent years, the office space started to fill in. And it inevitably affected the communication part. Now we all agree how important it is to conduct team huddle or stand-up meetings for a successful sprint, but due to limited space, scheduling timely meetings seemed difficult. The meeting rooms were always occupied and the teams had to wait for their turn.

Secondly, conducting stand-up resulted in the loss of productive hours. The daily huddles lasted for no less than 15-20 minutes; additionally, the teammates had to make time leaving their responsibilities and rush to join the meeting. This was no way convenient.

Thirdly, when the individual members would create their daily task reports, that did not always follow singular format. Due to this, extraction of report or updates was complicated.

This was when the idea to develop a synchronized app emerged. The agenda was to use the app as a primary tool for- managing in-office communications, cope with space and time crunches and restoring uniformity in daily task mails. After the initial quality testing when Probot was launched, it not only helped to streamline the workflow but also reduced the cumulative loss of time. Now after successful practical implementation, the app is available for the outside world.


To help organize your work and schedule meetings more efficiently, Probot streamlines the entire workflow. As a result, it saves a great deal of time.

Probot comes with two productivity-enhancing features:

1. Stand-up Meetings:

Virtual synchronized stand-up meetings, popularized as daily scrum, cut down the duration of an actual team-huddle. If a team huddle is expected to continue for at least 15-20 minutes, Probot can effectively bring it down to 5 mins. In this process, adherence to the fixed time-schedule is a must. All members working towards the completion of a given sprint are expected to be available before the daily scrum meeting resumes. Then the participants are asked three simple yet crucial questions:

The answers to the above-mentioned questions will put a scrum master in a better position to determine sprint goals, sprint backlog, track irregularities, synchronize and plan work for the next 24 hours based on the amount of work done since the last Daily Scrum. With Probot, a team huddle can be finished without blocking the meeting rooms or spending more time on stand-ups, leaving the project unaffected. So, the meeting rooms can be used for more serious matters such as a Sprint Review Meeting; and dedicate more time towards productivity.

Our developers understand that a team comprises of diversely skilled people, therefore, it is irrelevant to ask the same set of questions to members working in completely different fields. With Probot, you can tailor-make the scrum questions to seek an appropriate response.

After each successful stand-up, the scrum master may access all responses directly from slack or from email digests. Since it is easy to navigate in Slack, a user will be able to easily fetch conversation histories and files.


2. Task Tracker:

Unlike Stand-Up Meetings, Task Tracker is initiated by the team members in order to submit their regular task reports. An individual is required to DM “Task Submit” Probot Ninja from Slack and answer preset questions, such as:

These questions highlight progress and help flag project blockers. Additionally, when everyone shares the progress they are contributing, it restores clarity and strengthens team-spirit. Once the task has been submitted, the designated Team Leaders and managers will receive an email with the task summary.

The daily reinforcement of sharing individual successes and plans through Task Tracker keeps everyone excited about the team’s overall contribution to the organization.

Although direct interactions are always recommended but managing office space without affecting interacting with geographically separated remote-teams remain a challenge. A vis-à-vis is desirable but not viable, especially if you are working under tight deadlines with an elaborated team spreading across the boundaries. With the help of two distinct features- stand-up meetings and task tracker, practical application of Probot will increase the efficiency of the collaborative cross-functional teams.


Probot helps the team members get information about the team’s status and progress, specifically about the team’s accomplishments, plans, and conflicts. There are hundreds of reasons to choose Probot Ninja (beta), some of these are:

Use of Probot enables you to prioritize the work or schedule meetings according to its urgency. This way you can showcase your leadership qualities. Depending on the response from the team members, you will be in a better position to determine which task needs your immediate attention. Moreover, at the individual level, it’s important to walk into the day’s stand-up knowing what you’re going to say. It keeps the energy of the stand-up high and everyone engaged.

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To unlock the features, your company needs to have an account in Slack. Once the company profile is successfully created, add your employees to the Slack channels. Now all you have to do is visit and hit the button that says “Add to Slack”. Finally, login to your Slack account and choose Probot Ninja in the “App” section. Now you are good to go.

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